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The Shadow on The Moon at Night
Background information
Feature films Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Television programmes
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Ken Page
Performance model
Character information
Other names Oogie boogie
Personality scary, greedy, hungry, mean, short-tempered, Clumsy (sometimes)
Appearance Oogie Boogie's big shadow on the moon.
Occupation frightening the people in Halloween Town.
Affiliations Neutal(in nightmare before Christmas), later bad(in Oogie's Revenge)
Goal Keep his Owner Oogie Boogie safe and stick with Him
Home The Moon in Halloween Town.
Allies Oogie Boogie, Jack Skellington (occasionally)
Enemies Jack Skellington (Usually), Santa Claus
Likes Oogie boogie, Jack Skellington (Sometimes)
Dislikes jack skellington (Usually)
Powers and abilities Be able to appear in the moon, and desolve into real bats.
Fate After it's owner Oogie Boogie got killed by Jack Skelington the shadow simply must huff desappeared.
Quote “I am the Shadow on the Moon at Night, I cause the panic in the Town”

The Shadow on the Moon at Night is a fictional shadow that appears in the beegining of the film Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas on the town's moon. It's sugested that the shadow belongs to Oogie Boogie the film's antagonist, because his shadow is identical to the one on the moon.

The Shadow also seems to have the abilitie to disolve into millions of terrorizing bats. Just like Oogie Boogie spits out bugs.

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