Other Mother
Background information
Feature films Coraline
Television programmes
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Teri Hatcher
Performance model
Inspiration Witches
Character information
Other names The Beldam, Evil Witch
Personality evil, gruseom, kind (formely)
Appearance pale white face, wire hands, red-blood lips, black buttons for eyes, black hair, spider like creature
Occupation creator of the other world
Affiliations good/neutral later evil/herself
Goal trick children into stayng with her, so she can eat them.
Home Other World
Enemies Coraline Jones, Black Cat
Minions Other Father, The Giant Bugs
Likes evil, bugs
Dislikes people who disobey her (especially Coraline), Coraline Jones
Powers and abilities She's a master in disguises, the only thing she can't hide are her eyes.
Weapons webs (possibly)
Fate She gets locked up in her world for ever with just one hand.

The Other Mother is the main antagonist of Henry Selick's 2009 film Coraline. She is a witch with button eyes, and she has alternate names like "The Beldam".


The Other Mother's appearence is not quite determined, it is suggested in the film that her true form is a 15-foot tall spider-human that has buttons rather than eyes. Her limbs consist of extremely long needles, and her spine protrudes out of her clothing. Her facial features are cracked and boney. She also has three other appearances in the film: The first full appearance, which looks like Coraline Jones' mother. Her second is a transformation about twice as tall as the original, with a more skull-like face and the hair is slimmer and longer. Her limbs also grow thinner, along with her midsection. The next appears when Coraline travels back to the Other World to rescue her parents, when she thinks she sees and hears her true mother at the end of the tunnel, but her "mother" transforms into the Other Mother when she gets to the end of the tunnel. It is strongly implied she can turn into other forms as well, such as the mothers of the three Ghost Children.

The Wire HandsEdit

The Other Mother also has two hands made of thin wire, which she uses for special stuff. At the beegining of the film she uses them to turn a doll into a doll of Coraline. At the climax she looses one of her hands, when Coraline shuts the door of the other world. The next day the wire hand atacks Coraline but she's saved by Wybie who smashes the hand with a stone.