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Halloween Town
Background information
Feature films The Nightmare Before Christmas
Video games Kingdom hearts
Place information
Television Programs
People Ghost, Goblins and Witches
Visitors Santa Claus, Easter Bunny(Briefly)
King Jack Skellington
Queen sally (Possibly)
Mayer The Mayer of Halloween Town
Region Holiday Woods

Halloween Town is a fictional town in Disney's 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Town is filled with Halloween stuff like witches, ghosts, vampires haunted castles bats and other Halloween stuff. The Town's king is Jack Skelington which is the protagonist of the film. The Town's mayer is a creature that every time it changes expression it twists he's face.


The Town's stile consists of it being croaky and black. The Town does't have many colors, the main colors are orange, black, brown, red and a bit of white. The Town is one of the many towns of a holiday (echample:Christmas Town, Easter Town, St Valentine's day Town, Thanksgiving Day Town). The producers of the film exclaim that when you enter Halloween Town it's like a german stile.


The Town's entrance consists of a door in a tree in the Holiday Woods with the shape of a pumpkin head like for Christmas Town a Christmas tree door, Easter an easter egg door and St. Valentine's day a heart shaped door.